A is for April Fools day: I decided to break rules and wait

A is for April Fools day: I decided to break rules and wait until today to post my first A2Zchallenge. Also A is for Annie, the Crazy Cat Lady.

After showing you a teaser photo, I´ll introduce myself, and at the end, you´ll have to decide if everything is true or false about me. For every good guess, you´ll get some chocolate.

Wait, on second thought, I´ll better guess too, I´m a chocolate addict, and you can bribe me to do anything for chocolate. And really, I mean everything. Including doing the dishes.

I´m a married woman, with two and a half teens, if I hadn´t married, I would likely have become a crazy cat lady. Believe me people, I have tried, but with family, I had to put for adoption almost every cat that fell through my windows. After spaying or neutering them, of course. In this topic I´m adamant.

Once, my hubby (the Gods bless the man) suggested me to write my memoirs and name them “My life in 30 Cats”. So sweet of him to think I´ll only have thirty cats in my whole life… He doesn´t really like cats the desperate way I do, but he lets me get away with it somehow.

So, now it would be a good moment to start an inventory of all the cats I´ve had had since my early childhood.

About cats, don´t fret, I don’t kidnap, them, I seem to have some sort of magnet, and they just pop up in front of my window, or door. Yes, like furry mushrooms.

Of course, being my hubby the man of the house, he needs to look as if the always has the last word. At first, he makes me promise that I will keep it only for a night. Until the owner appears or it goes away by itself. You know what that means right?


A is also for Alaska, the place I´d like to run away every time things go too complicated in my life. But I don’t think I could cope with so much snow every day. And I know about snow, I´ve liven several winters in Germany. Off with cleaning my front porch every hour to avoid being sued or fined if the neighbours or mailman slip and fall.

A is for a feral cat that trusted me so much as to adopt her too. I know this was a real leap of faith, and I appreciated that so much. This is her memoir too:

One afternoon, as I picked my children from school and came back home for lunch, we saw outside of the building we live a white feral pregnant lady cat. We had seen her before but have never been close to her. She has very shy, looked battered, and hungry. She seemed to be the kind of abandoned cat. We couldn’t adopt her, we already had one girl cat al home, Gizma, she was very territorial, and I fret of her becoming some disease from street cats.

Anyway, she looked outside so sad, that we gave her water and some cat food outside our door. She ate a bit, and then, the weirdest moment in our life happened: exhausted, she lied on the floor and started funny movements, like hiccups according to my kids.

Then, startled, I realized: the final contractions were already there: she started giving birth on my front door.

We literally had only a couple of minutes to gather some old towels and old children clothes to arrange a small bed for her comfort. I´ve never seen this shy lady so close to humans, and yet, she was there, trusting us to take care of her and her babies. Even Gizma, looked puzzled and gave some respectful distance. She watched as curiously as us this feral girl and her coming litter.

One by one they started coming out, the 2 first yellow striped babies, she softly washed and cut the placenta to help them. By the third and fourth, a pair of grey cuties, she looked quite tired, and I had to clean them for her. The fifth one, she looked even so tired to push that I thought she wouldn’t make it, but some god, perhaps Bastet the Egyptian Cat-Goddess takes care of the innocent cats. And the smallest in the litter was born. Pretty snow white little one.

As soon as this messy event finished, seeing her new-born pretties eating and dozing at her side, she finally fell also asleep. my children were happily amazed, and a bit worried by the events. We didn’t know which reaction my hubby would have when he knew. And the day wasn’t over. I hadn’t cooked yet, and in less than a half hour I had to rush to work.

So, I had to play the golden card we all have at least once in our lives played. I called my boss telling my father in law was ill and had to rush to take him to the hospital.

Of course, A is also for Alex, the angry boss who had to find a substitute English teacher in less than 30 minutes. He still asked me if I could make it for the rest of the evening schedule. I said nope.

One worry less, it was time to make The Call:


“Hi hubby”

“Hi AnnieCow, what a surprise, how´s your day?”

“Guess what?… there´s this cat in the parking lot…”


“No, please, let me explain.  She came to our front door and…”


“No, really! We saw she was pregnant and…”

“Out!” This time, he didn´t sound only annoyed, but also a bit panicking.

“But she started having birth in our main entrance! The kittens are already born, look, I can´t toss her out this way.”

“… (Grumble grumble) Ok, but place a box outside with food or something, We can´t have so many cats at home”

(Yes! Oh, Yes!) “Thank you honey, you know I love you, right? Have a nice day!”


Now, are you people dancing with me too? Goddess Bastet meddled again. That afternoon a great storm fell outside, and the soapbox with clean old sweaters was placed in our living room. My mother in law came too to met the new “temporary” pets.

Hubby was of course grumpy and refused to acknowledge the newcomers.

However, the next day, he was the first to get out of bed. Minutes later, as I entered the living room, I saw him making breakfast and feeding ham to the new mom. Then he just said four words:

Her name is Alaska”. And so, she stayed with us.

Finally, A is for Alfonso. Thank you, husband. Did I mention that I love you so much?

*Did you avid readers find any lie? See tomorrow´s post to see if you guessed correctly 😉

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