C is for Cookie, the Pirate Racoon, and also for a Change of Topic

Let´s stop talking about Crazy Cat Ladies and let´s go to the saucy stuff: Steampunk!

Inside the next posts, I will write about the main characters in my stories, or add excerpts of some stories. I hope you like them. 🙂

About Cookie the Racoon: A scruffy, fierce and agile pirate with gray and black fur and a formidable red mane. Her hazel eyes sometimes sparkle with a glow as red as her hair. Master of the thieves; She uses swords and firearms, sometimes daggers, too. She wears a beige shirt and black pants, white gauntlets and an old hat that belonged to her deceased father. Captain of the Killerwing, invention of her father and one of a kind.


In a former battle she lost her left hind leg, which she replaced with a mechanical leg. “Cookie” is a nickname that she got since she was very small and that remained with her, her name and place of origin is uncertain, only she knows that her name was once Amira Kyun. Some people falsely believe that her nickname comes from the name Cookyle, quite popular in the distant kingdom of Plia. She always keeps her word.


There were once two very powerful kingdoms that lived constantly at war; the neighbouring countries, which didn´t share the technological advance they had, refrained from fighting against them, on the contrary, they obtained their technology trading with them to avoid conflicts and ensure their survival as autonomous countries.

The king of one of those kingdoms, jealous for the prosperity of the other, decided that the moment had come to create a more lethal army, a more dangerous secret weapon than he had ever imagined before. That lethal weapon would give him supremacy.

He secretly sent for his best magicians, alchemists and scientists, everyone had the duty to help to invent the perfect war machine, although a few would actually have the honour of participating in its construction: only those of greater intelligence, skill, inventiveness and proven loyalty to its king would participate in the secret of its construction and decided the final prototype. Anyone who committed any indiscretion or divulged the king’s plan in any way would be punished with death.

The king’s advisors, without specifically informing the people they were recruiting, evaluated their abilities to discard those whose abilities were not required in the construction of the king’s project, those whose requirements could be optimal were taken to the palace with their families as guests while the planning and construction of the artifice lasted. If something went wrong or the secret was divulged, the family would run the same destiny as the inventor.

During the first month, disguised the project as the creation of a new merchant fleet that could take their products to more distant places in shorter time to boost their economy, the people participated gladly, even in spite of the misgivings of a few, which were discarded to leave space for those who worked on the design without questioning the noble motives of the king.

Designs were created, evaluated and discarded, and the inventors couldn´t create a prototype that counted with every specification the king demanded: it had to be fast, but not fragile, strong and of great capacity, able to travel great distances without needing to touch port during its passage, able to carry a light armament in case of needing to defend itself in the passage, and above all, the ability to be practically invisible before any enemy fleet that tried to give chase.

Maritime designs, terrestrial, amphibious, each and every one was rejected as soon as it was evident that none of them would be something out of the ordinary. There was a scientist however, that had a vision that would change everything: a flying machine would be what the king was looking for.

After that, there came the point of no return, Amira´s Father, Professor Kyun was invited to be the one leading the work: he and his daughter would living inside the castle, in the scientist´s barracks: a row of rooms with all the commodities to have them comfortable, within the restricted area. None of them would be allowed to go out until the war machine was ready. That they already knew. Air ballons and zeppelins were the initial designs. Sketch after sketch were tried and discarded. For many years, they had tried to work out a flying ship. Many lost her mind in the process. The wellbeing of their families were at risk. That was too much for some of them.

Prof Kyun, always afraid of his daughter, spunky Cookie, worked harder, sometimes helped by her. Even if she was told to keep her tiny escapades to the lab as a secret. He didn’t know what could had been of her if anyone knew that she sometimes helped him. Even if it was only giving him the right wrench or searching for a new set of nails.

With the passing of the years, Kyun discovered she was quite gifted. She was able to provide good suggestions, and she wanted to participate more actively in the secret project.

There was more rotation with the working scientists, she started becoming friends with some of them, who kindly invited her to work with them, her father noticed with dismay. He knew the real reason behind the rotation and the many newcomers was that the old ones were most likely beheaded after becoming their resignation payment.

He knew that could become her destiny if someone talked about his gifted daughter. The few scientists that still remained, sadly agreed. They also told him there was no way now the king would let her out. She already knew too much and it would be better to hire her formally than letting her roaming all around the place. At least, none of the guards would think her a spy trying to smuggle secrets if one day they saw her at the lab, and the next day trying to climb a tree or a tiny tower just for fun.

Amira, smart as she was, suspected they weren’t mere guests, but prisoners, and also suspected about the ending of her dear and gone friends. As every young girl, she dreamed about gathering all the inventors, call them to arms, and fight bravely to escape.

“You would have been a great warrior” used to tell her father kindly, as he caressed her red mane. But now we have to continue working, I know when the time comes and the flying machine is ready, the king will finally set us free.

“But he´ll never let us go, right daddy?” was one day her response. That gloomy day he discovered she knew the sad truth. There was no way out. That day, he promised her, they would find a way out.

When they weren’t working madly in the project, they were trying to search for a way out. Many had tried to escape in the former years, of course. Their heads would hang at the peak of the highest tower for all to see, like furry gargoyles. Now she understood it, she feared watching that tower, she wouldn’t want to recognize there her departed friends.

There were many questions about their escape plan. Would they let the war machine? Would they dare to destroy it? It took many years of loving work for all the scientists. The creation wasn’t evil per se. it was the use the king planned for it that made it evil.

They dreamed about finding one day a special place, a promised land, where they could have the great life they always dreamed of having, without the constant fear of war. Just taking a couple of days off and going to visit the seashore… one day.

How did they escape? this is something worth another story. I´ll tell you soon…


2 thoughts on “C is for Cookie, the Pirate Racoon, and also for a Change of Topic

  1. Such a very interesting start, I like your story and will gladly read more of it. 🙂

    Cheers from Heidelberg


    1. Dankeschön. You don´t know how much it means that someone read and liked my stories. This motivates me to keep on writing, and yes, I expect to write more about her and other characters soon.
      Have a wonderful and productive week.


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