NaNoWriNooooooo!!! or, Preptember is gone too soon.

This is the first day of October, which means, by now, I’d have ready and at hand all that stuff that I need in order to prepare myself for my first NaNoWriMo.

Translation? I haven’t even searched for all my notebooks, procrastination is strong with this one.

But my unconscious self seems more hardworking than me.

Yesterday I dreamt that I woke up to 9 people reading and adoring this blog post. I think that means I should start writing and putting aside twitter for this morning. I don’t want to disappoint my own expectations, right?

Starting a new project is always thrilling and a bit difficult, but everything that´s worth in life isn´t easy to achieve.

First things first: I made a list of all the things I need to do in beautiful Unicorn Notes (having unicorns is the most important step):  

* Yes, I actually added Crochet to my List. It´s part of my creative process. 
Preptember has gone so quickly that I already noticed. * someone insert John Travolta´s meme please *  It’s a good moment to evaluate my assets, check notes, find those scribbled ideas stashed away in post-its, old twits, emails and Whatsapp to myself.

Wow, I have a lot more random information about my world than I thought!

Now the real world is about to start: World & Character development. Thanks to my friends I´ve found several writing techniques, the Snowflake one seems the right for me. I´ll be telling you how it goes throughout the month.

* this morning my daughter told me she was thinking about doing Inktober, I might be high on marshmallows because I started considering the idea of a drawing from my WIP each day. No. Stop. Bad. Focus Hannie, focus.

I found two drawings I made a couple of years ago, they will be the only ones for the moment, they will give my fellow writers a glimpse to the world expanding inside my mind.


“The Goddesses and the Kindly Ones gave life to every living being on the world. But no one, except the Inquisition believes in magic anymore.

Anthropomorphic creatures and humans live in peace… or almost. Technology has banished it to superstition. This is no time for kids playing heroes in shining armour.

The Old King is dying without a successor, a couple of neighbor countries might try to conquer the main kingdom, and neither magic nor steam powered artillery seems enough to save the it, or the World, from imminent destruction.”


If you want to follow this newbie and see where NaNo leads us, feel free to stalk me at:


Good Luck and Happy writing! 🙂

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