A is for Auto-da-Fé – Worldbuilding Gizma´s World

AtoZ2019AAuto-da-fé: the ceremony for pronouncing judgment by the Inquisition which was followed by the execution of sentence by secular authorities. / the burning of a heretic

Events portrayed during the creation of this story are totally fictional, although based on real or imaginary historical events of the world in which we are living.

Excerpt from the Holy Book of the Abess of the Holy Mercy…



roura, the sacred name of the World, called in hushed tones by the priests all around the planet, for it was the name third goddess: the Granddaughter; who exhausted at the moment of her birth, fell asleep. The Mother and the Grandmother, whose name was unknown, kept the sweet slumber of the youngest one from the heavens.

And in her slumber, she gave birth to the tiny creatures that roamed the outer core of her body; thus, they thrived.

Alas, not everything had gone smoothly. There were some groups of rebels: the agnostics, who claimed that the Goddesses were a myth, although they couldn´t explain another theory for the creation of all the sentient creatures spread through the world.

Also, the worst of them: the heretics, who behaved contrary to the Goddesses´ most important commandment, cross breeding outside their races and species.

A group of over-zealous citizens gathered. They came to the idea of prosecuting those rebel groups, fearing that otherwise, the wrath of the deities would fall upon the entire world.

After seeing that the task was too huge for their powers, they summoned the Mother and the Grandmother with an arcane ritual only known to the eldest. […] Thus, starting the tradition of the Auto-da-fé during the Spring Equinox.

quema de brujas
*Image: (J. Cuchy) The burning of the Carvajal sisters, from the novel Martin Garatuza, written by Vicente Riva Palacio


A good way to ensure that the commandments of the deities were well kept, was to leave behind a religious group, who faithfully followed the three Goddesses´ commands, and teaching them to the ever growing population who spread throughout Aroura.

Do you want to know more about the Genesis of Aroura? Follow me tomorrow to the next post: B is of Bestiary and Anthropomorphic Creatures.






Thank you so much for reading the first of 26 blog post I´ll be doing this april to participate in #AtoZChallenge, #BlogchatterA2Z and #CampNaNoWriMo. I apreciate any comment, or doubt that you have about my topics or the challenge.

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*while I was writing, I listened to Mago de Oz – IRA DEI (Wrath of God) for inspiration.

20 thoughts on “A is for Auto-da-Fé – Worldbuilding Gizma´s World

  1. Thanks for the education. I think I’m going to learn much through your A to Z posts this April. 😉

    I hope y’all will find time to check out my Little Mermaid Art Sketch series beginning with ARIEL on Curious as a Cathy!!

    Happy A2Zing!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I´m asking myself if I need to give more background information about this kind of topics in real life, after all, some of them could be sensible topics, or just focus on the story itself, without spoilers, of course. 😉


    1. Haha, thanks, I loved the reference!
      Althought the poor creatures under the fire wouldn´t want their story to be a parody one, you hit the nail on the head with what I´m doing with my world. Instead of a 1000 pages sylmarilion, I´ll write about the important events and way of living. And I´ll try to make them fun and interesting.
      See you around!


    1. Thanks a lot! I´m delighted to read your entries too. I hope one day to rach the quality of the posts you have.
      I find a bit difficult to write about my story without revealing too much information about what happens in my story. I don´t know if it happens the same to you.
      Also, as it is not finished yet, there are some details that I´m modifying, like tomorrow´s post, which is going to be located near the end of the story…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know what you mean about not revealing too much. For example, today I’m writing about the Cataclysm, and I *know* exactly what happened, but that’s not what the people in the world know… and I’m trying to be spoiler-free in the challenge :).
        I had a hellish work day yesterday, so I’ll be popping to catch up on your posts shortly!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Of course, it’s not the same writing about food and royal houses, where we could show off about our knowledge in our stories, than working those relevant scenes in them!
          No worries, somehow, I’m falling a bit behind on my visiting, too! 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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