F is for Furreeball and G is for Gizma




urreeball, a tiny albino kitty, and Gizma, a furry himalayan kitty, met each other at the orphanage they were living, and from the first moment, they knew they were soul sisters. Their lives had been quite different at their early childhood, having Furreeball mistreated since a baby, she was underdeveloped and lacked a lot of social skills.



izma, on the other hand, lived her first years at the side of a strict mother who hid her from other people. She yearned to have a normal life and to play freely with other werekids the same age as her, but even in her poor and quasi nomadic life, she was happy.

About their names: Gizma was named after her uncle Gizmo. Her mother, Zaraisa, was very close to her twin brother. It was a way to honour him and to remember the good times they shared together.

Furreeball: the original name Gizma gave her was Furrball, a very common name among cats, who love the purring sound of the letter r in their names. Although, when her friend learned to talk, she stubbornly claimed that her name was Furreeball, and so the name stayed.


There are many things I still have to figure out, about the day they met, and all the antics they did together while they grew up together.  Gizma, who early in her life felt responsible for her mother, took a more maternal role upon little Furreeball, who was born deaf, and with love and patience taught her her first words and signs.

They developed a very primitive but useful way to communicate and understand each others needs, and little by little, Gizma fund the way to bring her little friend out from her shell. This proved quite helpful, because she was at first outrageously discriminated, thinking that she suffered some mental illness that prevented her to interact with other kids and teachers. Also, inadvertedly, showed other teachers, that some of the younger tots were being abused by some teachers and nuns at the nurseries.

They had a good bunch of pals at the orphanage, a couple of bullies, too. And of course, they actually had to attend classes, contrary to many main characters, who rarely step inside classrooms for any other reason than stealing stuff that might be relevant to the story. There was someone who had a big crush on one of them, but I might speak later about him.

They grew up and became two of my favorite characters, which helped them to get a good situation as the apprentices of the Royal Inventor. Sorry, I moved my influences, and I heard no one complaining. 😉

There will always be the question about the whereabout of their parents, but if they ever get some free time to play detectives on their own, or if they stick to the schedule and actively help to save the world, that´s a mystery that we all have to wait to read about later.


*An old sketch of Gizma (left) and Furreeball (right) wearing their uniforms at the orphanage.


*What do you think about those little rascals? To know more about their world, follow me to the next post: H is for Half-breeds, K is for the Kind Ones and R a not so peaceful Religion

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