H is for Half-breeds, K is for the Kind Ones, and R a not so peaceful Religion


Harpy: a foul malign creature in Greek mythology that is part woman and part bird

Excerpt from the Holy Book of the Abess of the Holy Mercy…



arpy Nightwing was a very gifted woman who soon discovered that cross breeding some species they would get birth to stronger beings. Many more follow their lead and help her with some experiments. Thus many news pieces were born.

Some species started seeing the advantages of crossbreeding among other races. Lithe bunnies could profit from the strength of bears, or swift gazelles found in the sturdiness of donkeys the endurance and strength they needed in their bodies. Coyotes and monkeys could hunt even on land as much as on the top of the trees.

Elephants and buffaloes became races who could bear the frozen north and the long stride of the powerful and biggest creatures.

Little by little, there were many of them who were yielding from the initial disgust to the curiosity of the scientist, waiting to see the resulting of mating within them. Not every new born was powerful, but many were so, and those creatures started to thrive, even becoming more adaptable than the ones created by the goddesses themselves.

Although, they got the attention of the pious people, who soon realized that what she was doing, was a direct attack to the Goddesses’ teachings. There were many who started opposing loudly about this abomination. They were advised against it by the Goddesses, and they shouldn’t disobey a direct order just like that.

There were many races that decided to remain pure. Starting to execute those among them who seemed to feel an affinity outside their kin.

New wars started. Not only purebreds against half breeds, also kin against their own kin, defending or attacking their right to exist. Every creature that was born on this soil was sacred to the goddesses… any creature that was born against the will first was an abomination…

Thus, the second cataclysm came. The Daughter world seemed about to wake up again as tremors shook the surfaces. At first so tiny, that they were unnoticed, but little by little even the most stubborn knew the goddesses would soon have their say. (See A is for Auto-da-fé) 

Harpy Nightwing was the first one to be judged by the Goddesses themselves. Instead of burning her alive they turned her into a creature now called Harpy.


Harpy by Malcolm Brown - Photoshop Creative
Harpy by Malcolm Brown – Photoshop Creative

Harpies, who where vicious wild creatures, were hunted until Extinction. Although, superstitious people claim to have seen some of them stealing children on moonless nights.

Several creatures from other races were spared from the fires and turned into lesser animals, to add to all the game and wild creatures already roaming the world (See B is for Bestiary)


Sketch of a Monkeyote, also called Goat-eater.

When the morning came, and the last row of heretics were burned, the leaders of the towns were beaconed to the Goddesses.

– you may come now, you have done well, defying the heresy that corrupted our divine creation. Our children were born to be perfect the way they were, and the old ways should be preserved. We thank you for being the spoakers of our designs. And now, we want to grant you a present for this.

They picked a hadful of them, a male and a female of each race that had been loyal to them, they were granted with inmortality. It was a gift, not just for the pair that was ascending to the heavens with them, but also to the races that would thrive under the skies. 

The faithful races, started to glow from within,  they shone with the divine light that came from the goddesses themselves. As they felt the divine touch of the love, they fell to their knees to adore the loving mothers. Those couples within time reached the rank of demigods in the people´s minds.

— it is good that you thank us for this gift, my dear children, for you will be spreading our love, you will see that our orders are followed, you are the Kind Ones.

And thus, the Guild of the Kind Ones, Akasha´s Inquisition was born.

Do you think the punishment of the Goddesses too harsh upon their children? On milder topics, follow me tomorrow for I is for Industry and Factories. The future is today!

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