Q is for Quagmire


Quagmire: soft miry land that shakes or yields under the foot / a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position: predicament.








uagmire, as it´s name says at first was just a tiny village near to a bog. A tiny place full of mosquitoes and diseases, this swamp-like place with time became a major city in Akasha.


They created a series of dams to make the river flow to lower grounds, this has sort of worked but at the spring of the year 1635 of the second era, a major flood came and almost covered the town.

The river regained its former place with a passionate fury, a bunch of inhabitants saw it as a revenge of the Goddess, for trying to modify the place, and went away to search for a new settlement.

Those who remained, saw that about three quarters of their beloved village was now under a huge lake. Before leaving for good, they tried a less aggressive way of saving their settlement.

Thus, they created a system called chinampa, Sometimes referred to as “floating gardens,” chinampas are artificial islands that were created by interweaving reeds with stakes beneath the lake’s surface, creating underwater fences

There they could cultivate crops which required a lot of water, and also, to support tiny log cabins for the inhabitants. The village, linking the water channels with rope and wood bridges, and using canoes for transportating people and goods, soon thrived to become a model city.

Diverse crops on chinampas. Source: masdemx.com

On the northern side of Quagmire, the commerce of turf and coal gave way to mining villages. Nowadays, the northerns are planning expeditions to found more mining cities at the other side of the montain range.


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