N is for Nightwing, S is for Strassemusikanter, and V is for Vaini-Choco



Nightwing is a story as old as the time itself.

Everyone in Aroura has heard about the legend:  there was once a witch that could ride on the wings of the night, she would put a spell on the good people, and horrible monsters were born on them, for her heart was bitter. Many malformations on newborns were considered to be the doings of the ancient Nightwing. A superstition to hide forbidden loves.

she lost so much

her children gone,

she became a hag

she cried to the heavens for revenge

The demons heard her…


The real story is quite different. It merely says that Harpy Nightwing was a very gifted woman who soon discovered that cross breeding some species they would get birth to stronger beings. Many more followed their lead and helped her with some experiments. Thus many new species were born.

Although, they got the attention of the pious people, who soon realized that the experiments she was doing, were a direct attack to the Goddesses’ teachings. She was the first one to be judged by the goddesses themselves. at the first Auto-da-fé. Instead of burning her alive, they turned her into a creature now called harpy.

Harpies, who where vicious wild creatures, were hunted until Extinction. Although, superstitious people claim to have seen some of them stealing children on moonless nights.


The Nightwing is also a music band.

Source: jackdaw_leather_plague_doctor_mask


Their costumes, resembling huge Ravens, with a beak-like face mask just like the one that doctors used at the time of The Black plague, they usually sing gothic haikus and dark stories called Poes.

They made an epoch in the history of music whereas most of people loved to hear to folk music, their use of drums made them a more aggressive kind of music, dark and richer something that young people love to hear.

This kind of music came at the time of the industrial Revolution uprising, so many called it a kind of metal music. At the same time architecture evolved from the low ceiling medieval buidings to a more definite gothic architecture. Therefore many called it also gothic music.

Several metal bands came after them but Nightwing became the favorite bands of the main characters, and they love to listen to their music anytime they could go to a concert of them.

There were many bards that travel around the country and make covers of the lyrics from the main bands, so that many people came to know them. Of course they aren´t the real stuff. But they helped to spread the word, and to gather more people anytime they play at a new location.



Theofaux anthro bard
Strassenmusikanter source: https://theofaux.tumblr.com/post/41920075256


A popular music group that came famous after they got rid of a Thief group single-handed. Formerly, this 4-member group of homeless rascals, travelled from city to city begging and searching for a way of living.

It is said that they found an abandoned building where they came to spend the night and get some shelter from the cold weather. Hours later, they Heard a band of thieves who had the same idea. Furthermore, they discovered that they planned to rob the house of the wealthiest people of the town.

They knew that they had neither weapons nor a way to get out of the building without being caught, to warn the villagers. Somehow, they got the farfetched idea of scaring them off: they started singing and making loud noises to make them think that the house was haunted. They succeeded and made them flee. The racket attracted the villagers who trapped the robbers, and they mockingly called them the best street singers they have had.

Of course one thing led to another and soon they started taking some singing classes and formed a musical group. Most people take them for a bunch of untalented youngsters who profited from their lucky night.






Source: Luther playing the lute to his family.
Painting, 1866, by Gustav Adolph Spangenberg (1828-1891), German painter.


A 5 children-band, their artistic names: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream — were inspired in ice cream names. Her founder, Lady Nere, a world famous retired Opera singer, and School master of the most prestigious Music Academy in Quagmire, took her most talented children students to create it.

Vaini-Choco has made the delight of all the young girls in Akasha since then. Lots of people consider that lady Nere merely exploit their cute faces for personal profit but many more, young girls especially, consider that their talent is genuine and love to see them singing.

You’ll need to listen to their angelic voices first, and judge later. They say…


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