Goodbye NaNoWriMo, I did it again!

“A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike.” — John Steinbeck

The cherished NaNoWriMo badge given to every NaNoWinner.

The last day of nanowrimo has come. Anxiety and excitement showering me in equal amounts.

Today, I woke up with only 2195 words left. Such a little amount, considering that mid-November, I had written only 25% of the word total, and by November 24th, I had finally written 25,000 words, meaning that I had 6 days to catch up.

Today, early in the morning, nightmares and a headache woke me up, took a pill, and decided to move on. No time for this today.

Breathing again. Today is the day.

There´s a last day Write in i’m attending at 11 am. I´ve still 3 hours.

Time to get up and make a list:

  • Outfit: it’s the last day. I need something epic. Check.
  • Notebooks: check.
  • Unicorn and am-writing banners to brag on at the Write-in: check.
  • Laptop, charger, mouse: check.
  • Nanowinner printed diploma to surprise the attendees, in case we all end reach our goal: … OMG! Where do I get one if I havent finished yet!? Heeeeeelp. (my nanotribe at the rescue) Check. Oops. No ink at the printer! Uncheck.
  • I’m forgetting the most important: my WIP. Check.

Yesterday, with a bit less than 6000 words left, I felt the exhaustion of the end of the month. The words that had flown nonstop during the week, were somehow slow. Wrote a dozen. A nap. Another hundred. More nap.

Having almost every important scene already written, and the last chapters still a mystery, it was pretty difficult to keep on without asking my characters for a full description of every rock they were passing.

2 hours till the beginning of the Write in. I need a plan.

I opened my WIP and the document I wrote last year at NaNo and started comparing, rearranging chapters, and pasting what I’ve wrote this month in their correspondent places.

This is a beautiful Frankenstein of a WIP. During the month I added chapters here and there, solved and created new plot holes. But now, it looks way better than yesterday. Today, I hope to finish with the important chapters; and to keep going because, I’m at 2195 words to end my goal, but not my novel. 

  • blog post to celebrate the endo of nanowrimo: check

Got to go. I’ll tell you later how did everything go.

*Update: today at 2:16 pm I reached the goal count with 50,013 words. Just 14 minutes before the end of the Write-in. Yay!

The rising stats as the month ended. A glorious comeback.


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