F is for Fawney-rig


Fawney-rig: trick, game of dropping a ring. A common fraud thus practised:—a fellow drops a brass ring, double gilt, which he picks up before the party meant to be cheated, and to whom he disposes of it for less than its supposed, and ten times more than its real, value. / Phony



An engagement ring,

the day had finally come

you would be my wife.


You chuckled at me,

I harbored no suspiction;

so smitten I was.


The ring was pure gold;

your love, fictitious as brass.

You left me heartsick.


A crumpled letter,

and a cold ring on the floor

yelling your farewell.


I hope you are enjoying these little pieces of poetry that I´m doing this month.

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Here you can go to the Linky to the #BlogchatterA2Z post for the letter F

I´d love to hear from you. if you have any comment, or want to know more about this story, you can post a comment. Also, if you are doing the #AtoZChallenge, please drop here your link, I´d be happy to read your blog posts. 😀

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