G is for Gigglemug


Gigglemug: habitually smiling face.








The world never knew

what it lost that fateful day.

Your sweet easy smile.


How can the world keep

spinning, if you ain’t here?

How are birds singing?


Why so many grins,

and so many bright colors?

Do they know? Care? Weep?


Gigglemug lady,

once, I thought you frivolous.

Now, I need your smile.


I hope you are enjoying these little pieces of poetry that I´m doing this month.

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Here you can go to the Linky to the #BlogchatterA2Z post for the letter G

I´d love to hear from you. if you have any comment, or want to know more about this story, you can post a comment. Also, if you are doing the #AtoZChallenge, please drop here your link, I´d be happy to read your blog posts. 😀

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