H is for Hookem-snivey


Hookem-snivey: to feign mortal sickness or disease in the streets to excite compassion. (see Egrote: to feign an illness to avoid work.)




Howling their loneliness. (source: https://howlingforjustice.wordpress.com/category/spiritual/)


I´ve been called cunning,

deceitful, if nothing else;

a fool to the world.


But I´m ill for real.

Ill from love, ill from the loss.

A world weary lord.


Apathy, fury.

I want to howl this pain out,

but the wind is deaf.


I hope you are enjoying these little pieces of poetry that I´m doing this month.

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I´d love to hear from you. if you have any comment, or want to know more about this story, you can post a comment. Also, if you are doing the #AtoZChallenge, please drop here your link, I´d be happy to read your blog posts. 😀

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