Z is for Zeitgeist


Zany: surprisingly different and a little strange, and therefore amusing and interesting. Ludicrously or incongruously comical. Unconventional.

Zeitgeist: the defining spirit of mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.

Zenith: the time at which something is most powerful or succesful.

A fervourous devotion for her (Source: https://www.pinterest.com.mx/pin/544020829960217377/)



I can´t overcome

your absence. I´m to the world

just a zany fool.


I sense the Zeitgeist

of these days is scoffing at

spirits straightaway.


All I´ve left from her:

my hopes at their Zenith, Please,

don´t suffocate them!


And thus, we have come to the end of this wonderful month of blogging vigorously.

I hope you enjoyed these little haiku stories. I thank you all who followed me through these crazy days. Tomorrow I´ll make one final post about this monthly experience.

If you missed the former posts, you can find them here:

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Here you can go to the Linky to the #BlogchatterA2Z post for the letter Z

I´d love to hear from you. if you have any comment, or want to know more about this story, you can post a comment. Also, if you are doing the #AtoZChallenge, please drop here your link, I´d be happy to visit your blog posts. 😀

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