Reflections about #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterAtoZ

This is Jaspe, eternally young and playful. I´m telling her story.

DO IT FOR HER. My daughter made this heartbreaking collage of our dearest. Her apparitions meddled with my not-so-skeptic-mind, as she became my writing Muse.


Thank you for following all the path from A to Z. This monthly Project was easier than last year´s, indeed. This is the third time I try it, but the first one I succesfully finish. Yeah!


Although the structure of the haiku looks quite simple, I found out that it´s

Not only cramming

seventeen syllabes into

a boring haiku.

Of course, that would have been deliciously easy, chopping a word here or there to fit a simple idea, but they would have lacked passion. And the idea of poetry is finding the equilibrium between aesthetics and passion.

I would have loved to add drawings in all my entries, alas, it took me about two days to finish every sketch, and with quarantine and the whole family at home, I didn´t have the time nor the energy for every daily doodle. Maybe next time.

I carefully planned my posts 1 week prior to the challenge. Alas! When certain day came, and I felt that the chosen word wasn’t right, I started rereading the dictionary until I found the right word. This slowed the writing process down, too.

About Jaspe: my daughter adopted this tiny calico kitten last July when she was 2 months old. Jaspe was a pretty smart and naughty girl, and brought us a lot of joy. However, on December went sick, and after almost a month of treatments and analysis, we learned she had cancer. Whether how long would she be with us, only time would tell. We did everything in our hands to give her a happy life, including giving her all her treatments at home (including some more natural pain relief, if you know what I mean), buying her a little wheelchair, and caring that she did her daily exercises. We baked and bought hundreds of cookies to afford everything she needed. Finally, last March, she crossed the rainbow bridge, but sometimes, we can still feel her presence demanding attention here or there. How long with she stay before moving on? We don’t know, but we hope she’s happy.

Socializing: last year most socializing was through twitter and facebook. This year, the main activity was directly between blogs. it was easier to interact among bloggers who had wordpress, because their posts would appear in my newsfeed. I read some blogs outside this app, but I wasn’t able to like posts. Often, I feel shy about leaving comments, but I tried to, so that people would know they were visited, at least every 2 or 3 posts.

Health: Fibromyalgia attacked again, migraines hammered my head, but organization, and my unrelenting family support helped me going on. Honestly, I thought that on April 30, I would be frantically scribbling more than 4 blog entries. I’m glad to say I didn’t.

About mourning, my friends were right, letting out my feelings helped me a lot, and turning this feeling into singsong stories let my imagination flow and finally that writer’s block went away. I´ll always miss my little kitty, I loved so much to draw her as a fairy. She was my little muse, indeed.

Again, thanks to all the bloggers that joined this difficult path, I was thrilled to visit your posts and make new Friends on the road. 😀

*If you want to visit any of the former posts, you can find the full list here:

  1. A is for Absinthe
  2. B is for Benjo
  3. C is for Carriwitchet
  4. D is for Dashed hopes
  5. E is for Evening Wheezes / Envy
  6. F is for Fawney-rig
  7. G is for Gigglemug
  8. H is for Hookem-Snivey
  9. I is for Immortality
  10. J is for Julking
  11. K is for Kairos
  12. L is for Leptosomatic
  13. M is for Memento Mori
  14. N is for Niminy-Piminy
  15. O is for Oath of Fealty
  16. P is for Podsnappery
  17. Q is for Quarry
  18. R is for Bit o´Raspberry
  19. S is for Synchonicity
  20. T is for Turmoil
  21. U is for Ubiety
  22. V is for Vagarious
  23. W is for Whooperups
  24. X is for Xanadu
  25. Y is for Yestertide
  26. Z is for Zeitgeist


The End.

10 thoughts on “Reflections about #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterAtoZ

  1. Congratulations on finishing up the challenge! And I haven’t read all your posts, definitely looking to read each one. Thank you for being a part of my journey too.. hope all is well at your side. Take care

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