What a Child Knows: when I was 5

In response to VJ´s Weekly Challenge.

As a little one I was taught to want to be grown up,
as a grow up I want to learn to be a little one,
And so when I make the same mistake again,
maybe you won´t take it into much consideration.

De Mayor – Song by Enrique Bunbury


There aren´t many things I still recall

on being a 5 year old child,

I loved horses, and I drew hundreds of them,

pages and pages piled.


At home we had a dog but I loved cats

I dreamed to be the Vet Queen;

even when my hopes fell flat

I would dress as a cat in Halloween.


I developed asthma, all pets were gone,

in exchange for painful skin allergy tests.

We moved out to a warmer home,

goodbye dreams, no matter how much I protested.


I was 5, but a good reader already,

running would cause me an asthma attack;

books were my personal sanctuary

when my cousins would chase me as a pack.


They couldn´t understand my new hobby,

I loved to get lost in a new story,

I couldn´t play in the yard with the doggy,

they hid my books, they were naughty.


I had a bob hairdo that I hated

if I wanted it longer I had to wait,

I wanted to be like Rapunzel

today it´s red, and falls to my waist.


Those were little things I knew

when I was five and still went to school;

now there are dogs, and cats in my world

and inside my stories unicorns rule.

The oldest photo I have of my brother and me. I might be 6 or 7, my hair was already a glorious long mane.

I hope you enjoyed this random thoughts about my early (and first) childhood. As the song says, I´m already enyoing my third childhood, full of unicorns and imaginary friends that end up in my stories.

Do you still remember how you were as a child? Did you achieve your dreams? I´d love to hear your memories.

8 thoughts on “What a Child Knows: when I was 5

  1. Very sweet, and I got a wonderful sense of your first childhood, happiness and struggles all. I remember being a goofy kid who wanted to make others laugh. Often, I succeeded. I envy that version of me who didn’t mind if his jokes didn’t land.

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