#SoCs Spay / Splay / Spray

In response to Linda Hill´s #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: Spay / Splay / Spray

Wow, it´s been two weeks since I wrote anything on my blog. Last year, writing every other week would have been a titanic task for me. Somehow this year I´m not feeling as self conscious than before about showing the world my writings. I´ve actually missed my blog, and not because I hadn´t written a thing this week. On the contrary, I submitted a 13,000 words novelette. It was frantic, really. Similar to the NaNoWriMo tradition, when we need to write a 50,000 words novel. But this time, it was a week only. I bought a friend´s book with a system to write better a novel, and he did a slight coaching and moral support, too. Thank you Gjsuap!

Of course, even with his method, I still had to spray a huge amount of words in a short time. Yes, it looked that way for me, it was magic the way my story took form. I´m more a pantser who let´s the plot write itself and I´m usually upset when writer´s block come and I end up staring at an unfinished story. So, this time I was amazed with the outcome.

But my stupid chronic illness loves to come in the way at unexpected moments; the same way a kitty loves to sit on the keyboard to demand for attention. And it did appear the last day of the writing challenge. My mind felt foggy, I even started talking and moving in slow camera, and finally ended up splayed in my bed all day long, too weak to sit up and write. Yes, I cried a little. It was frustating to know that I was so close and I couldn´t finish. When I finally got energy to get up, it was time to go to my dentist appointment. Then, I rushed back home to keep editing my text for a photo finish. Anyway, I made it on time. It will take some weeks to know if my story is chosen, but for now, submitting my first novelette to the world is a wonderful feeling.

Oh, spay. Last year we adopted a dog who was abandoned nearby. She was already spayed, but we only knew when my mother in law took her to the vet to be spayed. So, she came back home with an unnecessary second surgery. I love my dogga Weissie, she´s my nurse when I´m feeling down, and our naughty companion. We had a calico Kitty, too, but she was born with feline leukemia and passed away before we could spay her. I still miss her a lot. Hopefully we can adopt another Kitty – or puppy – soon. Weissie needs a little brother or sister to play.

Well, I think that´s all for today. My family is waiting for me at the living room, it´s movie Saturday.  Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

Weissie the dog taking a sunbath with Jaspe.


2 thoughts on “#SoCs Spay / Splay / Spray

  1. Anyone who even attempts one of those writing challenges has my admiration, and you did it! I love how you love your Weissie and loved the Kitty. Sweet and inspiring post!

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