Fibbing Friday: Uncovering hidden facts.

Once again, it’s that magical time of the week: Friday! That also means it’s time to fib! Today is Friday, May 32nd (pay no attention to conspiranoids saying it´s June 1st, they are trying to hack my research); and my first fibbing Friday. I hope you enjoy my thorough research.

1. What was Paul Revere famous for?

Everyone knows that Paul Revere is famous for his commercial kitchen wares. They are made to last a lifetime. That´s what the ad said. Also, he taught medieval people to make reverences properly.

2. Why is midnight known as “the witching hour”?

This is the magic hour when you can finally pass that difficult level at Candy Crush. (Yes, people still play it. Yes, they actually enjoy it. It´s a guilty pleasure.) But beware, you need to do your last movement before the last bell chime. Otherwise, you will be trapped for another month in this level.

3. What supposedly happens, according to legend, at midnight between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

At midnight, all the empty boxes under the Xmas tree get magically full of presents for the kids. Although, only the Good kids get toys. The bad ones get coal. I always got sweaters. What was that supposed to mean?

4. Why did Patsy Cline go “Walking After Midnight”?

She loved to chase moonbeams. If someone catches one and a firefly at the same time, you can live forever. A moon fairy told her this.

5. Why is midnight represented as 00:00 rather than 24:00 in military (24-hour) notation?

The military love round numbers, and there´s no rounder number than four zeros in a row. Besides, it´s a way to call Good luck, in case they visit a casino on their vacations.

6. Why is noon so named?

Noon it´s a palindrome, because it´s at the middle of the day. So, time travellers don´t get confused when they go back in time one day at a time.

7. In westerns, what traditionally happens at high noon?

At high noon, a ferocious tumbleweed comes to town, that´s why people hide, and only the sheriff, or vigilantes come out. They try to catch one, but they´re usually too fast, and they end up hurting each other instead.

8. What exactly is the difference between “noon” and “high noon”?

The sea level. You can´t experience high noon unless you are on a high mountain. This is the reason many people tries to climb the Himalayas. The high noon feels better.

9. What’s so special about “the noonday sun”?

I tried to find out but I failed. Only sunflowers know about the secrets of noonday sun, but they refused to tell me because I ate a sunflower seed in front of them. Although I Heard one or two whispering about a ghost. I better ran away.

10. What can you supposedly do at noon on the spring equinox that you supposedly can’t do any other time of year?

Pyramid climbing. The ancient aztecs put a spell on the Sun and Moon pyramid to avoid people climbing them, but at the spring equinox, the barrier falls and that day people from all over the world travel there to count the steps and see how high are the pyramids.

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