No Words.

In response to VJ’s Weekly Challenge #98: No words

Not a happy post this time.

Ten days ago, my mother called. We send each other daily messages, so this meant it was important. Indeed, she told me that one of her cousins passed away due to covid at the hospital. Everyone knows the protocoll. Family wasn´t allowed, they live at different cities. Nearby, but it feels as if we all lived at the other side of the world. Such a loving, sensible person who became just another number to the statistics.

There are no words for grief. Illness doesn´t care for age, ethnic group, health. He was a mexican young man, 37, healthy. He had his heart on the right place. Not that it made any difference after all.

We are stranged from our loving ones. We weren´t able to cry our pains together. We could only reach each other by Facebook, sending condolences.  My mother told my grandparents the news by phone. We need to keep our distance, although some uncles forget and visit them as if this wasn´t real. This is also true with my grandfather. He is 91 years old, and sometimes forgets and get´s angry because he can´t travel back to his city, or go out to the bakery as he used to. But he forgot that he can´t be alone anymore. His health, both my grandparent´s health is fragile. And now, they are permanent visitors either at another uncle´s house or my mother´s. The rest of the family pretending they have neither money nor space to invite them. Shame.

The world is a turmoil, full of political sides I don´t want to think about; alas, we can´t keep our eyes closed. These are challenging days, when we can only keep our physical and mental health working as a team. We need to stop thinking individually and start to love each other, and to care for each other. To tell everyone how much they matter to us. Especially those who are hurting, who are alone, sick, or depressed.

We need to hear those silent calls for help. Because today, I feel that I can´t keep silent, same as many others that are grieving.


8 thoughts on “No Words.

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart to think that people are dying without loved ones at their side. Such is the tragedy of this disease. Please take care, and thank you for sharing your story. We need to be reminded.

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