A is for Amnesia

Amnesia: loss of the ability to remember. / a gap in one´s memory.

I promised you joy 
In our secret paradise, 
All sorrows away. 

I never mentioned 
The price to pay for my love: 
Bits of your pure soul. 

Every day: pure joy 
Between my arms you forget 
Your name, your past... You. 

But hark! Emily: 
The second half of joy, is 
Shorter than the first. 

An empty vessel 
Replenished with new stories 
Of my own device. 

Thank you so much for reading the first of 26 blog post I´ll be doing this April to participate in #AtoZChallenge, #NaPoWriMo and #CampNaNoWriMo. I appreciate any comment, or doubt that you have about my topics or the challenge.

I´d love if you add a blog hop so I can visit your post, too.

If you have any comments about my writings I´d love to hear you; or here, you can read more about my Theme Reveal: Haiku stories. Also, my wonderful crew, #NaNoTribuMX started a micro stories challenge in Spanish this month. This is my entry, too: A de Amnesia (We´re still voting the words we will use this month).

The team’s theme of the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year is:
ACCOMPLISHING YOUR DREAMS, AND THE DUALITY OF 22; if you want to visit all cool bloggers participating this challenge, you can click on the Master List of #AtoZChallenge.

Also, here you can visit Day One´s post for NaPoWriMo. Today´s prompt is based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson:

“The second half of joy / Is shorter than the first”

If you are participating on these challenges, I wish you good luck and lots of success. 😀

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  27. Reflection.

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