Songs to the moon.

My response to the Moon haiku competition during the lunar eclipse. Gathering them here just for fun.

You can see here the amazing entries that came to life that night:

Someone stole the moon.
Bite by bite, astronaut mice
preparing fondue.

Oh, Moon, you kissed me!
forlorn with burning desire,
please come back to me.

Eyes full of moonlight,
sighs soft as a summer breeze,
kisses full of stars.

Not you, eclipsing
my senses with your loving.
I'm your priestess, Moon!

The red moon during the eclipse seen through an ironwork fence.
Arachne knitted
with silver threads enclosing
red moon arabesque.

The cow jumped again
breaking a Guinness record
for reaching the moon.

Come and see the moon,
Paintbrush on her sheer surface
the eclipse has begun.

Frolicking naked,
love spells to mesmerize you.
Praising Goddess Moon.

Free from time concerns 
Roams the sky watching humans: 
tiny living specks.

A flour tortilla hanging from a clothesline with a clothespin to make it look like the full moon.
Quesadilla Moon,
just a question lingering:
With or without cheese?

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