Be Your Own Super Hero- By S.C Jensen

Seeking Purpose Today

S.C Jensen is a wonderfully unique and gifted writer that I met here on WordPress.  She is a published author and I would say a good friend that has helped me become a better writer.  She says that the magic of writing lies within the editing process for her and I think that is magnificent.  She currently won 2nd place for a short story she wrote.  If you are not already following this wonderful Lady please check her out at  and by her book “The Time Keepers War”.  For more about her watch the interview we did Here.

SC Jensen Super Hero.jpegI am the Weaver. You cannot see me unless you know where to look. But I am here, watching; I have always been here.

And I have always known you.

The threads of my mind tell your story. All the stories of humankind are spun from the gossamer of…

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