E is for Evening Wheezes / Envy

Evening Wheezes: false news, usually spread in evening halfpenny papers.  Envy: Resentful desire of something possessed by another or others (but not limited to material possessions).   Why do people keep gossiping apropos you, now you're far afield?   Ain't it so biased? cos you cannot contradict their venomous tongues?   What if they were right? … Continue reading E is for Evening Wheezes / Envy

D is for Dashed hopes

Dashed hopes: hopelessness, despair. Dashed: in the sense of "damned" is associated with the old-fashioned upper class.     Come here, lil' one are you staying furrever? Lovers we shall be.   Inside my heart, oh curious CatLady o'mine! Obliged to love you.   You were so curious, you showed me pure tenderness, you showed me … Continue reading D is for Dashed hopes