#SoCs Spay / Splay / Spray

In response to Linda Hill´s #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: Spay / Splay / Spray Wow, it´s been two weeks since I wrote anything on my blog. Last year, writing every other week would have been a titanic task for me. Somehow this year I´m not feeling as self conscious than before about showing … Continue reading #SoCs Spay / Splay / Spray

#SoCs What do I Want?

In response to #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: Want. I want, I want, what do I want? Lately, I´ve let myself flow with the day, absorved in the tight routine the whole family has set in order to avoid chaos. Yet chaos seems to follow us everyday, or at least, follow the grownups, the … Continue reading #SoCs What do I Want?