What a Child Knows: when I was 5

In response to VJ´s Weekly Challenge. As a little one I was taught to want to be grown up, as a grow up I want to learn to be a little one, And so when I make the same mistake again, maybe you won´t take it into much consideration. De Mayor - Song by Enrique … Continue reading What a Child Knows: when I was 5

AtoZ Theme Reveal: Dark Haikus

Dark poetry is the use of dark and often negative themes in a poetic manner. A dark poem to most people is one that describes the negative side of life, such as depression or phobias or nightmares. I love the simple metrics and the ability of expressing so much in such a tiny piece of … Continue reading AtoZ Theme Reveal: Dark Haikus

Happy New Year – at the end of March?

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Acording to our calendar, Spring has started a week ago. It is time for us, writers, to jump out of hibernation and start typing again. With all that NaNoWriMo hangover, X-mas holidays and a moving out to a new home, I found so many excuses to procrastinate far from my stories. It´s time to … Continue reading Happy New Year – at the end of March?

Z is for Z to A: Doing everything upside down

This year, this is going to be the fourth and last post of April 2018. Wait, shouldn´t they be 26 and not 4? It has been a very complicated month for many of us fellow writers. Camp NaNoWriMo, A to Z challenge, added to any other Twitter, Instagram or Facebook writing challenge you gladly name. … Continue reading Z is for Z to A: Doing everything upside down

The Not So Happy New Year

Monsters are not for bright sunny days, they are for the gloomy ones, they adore darkness, they thrive in darkness; so, I'm aware that´s why when I'm home alone or as the sun goes down the beast goes fully awake, then I can hear it whispering... I can´t recall which friend or relative once told … Continue reading The Not So Happy New Year