What is a CowCorn?

Hunting a fierce Marshmallow. Don´t laugh, when running in Aroura´s moonlight, they could be pretty dangerous.

Steampunk CowCorn

Addicted to Unicorns, chocolate and books.

Big fan of everything about fantasy, steampunk, and horror. Lost inside the labyrinth of my stories. I Hate odd socks.

My writer friends, those who are always nudging me to finish my stories and who don´t let me give up, call me Hannelore.

Here, inside the World of my invention, I´m a Steampunk CowCorn, a magical critter, half Unicorn, half cow; living in the deep forest. I won´t tell you which one, but one day, you will go with some of my characters looking for us.

Inside another of my worlds, most recently created, and closer to the one we are living, I am called Absenta, the Green fairy; although I love to dye my hair bright red. I enjoy little contradictions now and then.

And you, my dear reader, can call me for any of my names. Alas, I can´t grant you a wish if you guess the real one, but you´ll never know…

Praise about

A very interesting writer. I ´ll refrain from talking better about her, until I know if she gave me or not a happy ending in my story.

Lady Zaraisa Catterfysh

I totally acclaim her upcoming novel. Pay no heed to those rebels who don´t believe in the three Goddesses. Of course they exist, I saw when she wrote them inside her story.

Mother Mercy, Abbess of the Order of the Sacred Mercy

I´m genuinely surprised to be quoted here, considering that I know nothing about novels, only about timekeepers.

Giacomo Giovanni Mongiorno, Inventor

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