No Words.

In response to VJ’s Weekly Challenge #98: No words Not a happy post this time. Ten days ago, my mother called. We send each other daily messages, so this meant it was important. Indeed, she told me that one of her cousins passed away due to covid at the hospital. Everyone knows the protocoll. Family … Continue reading No Words.

Fibbing Friday: Uncovering hidden facts.

Once again, it’s that magical time of the week: Friday! That also means it’s time to fib! Today is Friday, May 32nd (pay no attention to conspiranoids saying it´s June 1st, they are trying to hack my research); and my first fibbing Friday. I hope you enjoy my thorough research. 1. What was Paul Revere … Continue reading Fibbing Friday: Uncovering hidden facts.

#SoCs Spay / Splay / Spray

In response to Linda Hill´s #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: Spay / Splay / Spray Wow, it´s been two weeks since I wrote anything on my blog. Last year, writing every other week would have been a titanic task for me. Somehow this year I´m not feeling as self conscious than before about showing … Continue reading #SoCs Spay / Splay / Spray

#SoCs What do I Want?

In response to #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: Want. I want, I want, what do I want? Lately, I´ve let myself flow with the day, absorved in the tight routine the whole family has set in order to avoid chaos. Yet chaos seems to follow us everyday, or at least, follow the grownups, the … Continue reading #SoCs What do I Want?

Of Dragons and Time machines…

In response to VJ´s Weekly Challenge #95: bits and pieces; Eugi´s Weekly Prompt: Harmony; Sunday´s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!: Watch Giacomo, the inventor was upset, the apprentices hadn´t showed up and they had a lot of work to do; the King asked for a Time Machine. - Giacomo, at ´chool, the hi´tory teacher told … Continue reading Of Dragons and Time machines…

Reflections about #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterAtoZ

This is Jaspe, eternally young and playful. I´m telling her story.   Thank you for following all the path from A to Z. This monthly Project was easier than last year´s, indeed. This is the third time I try it, but the first one I succesfully finish. Yeah! Although the structure of the haiku looks … Continue reading Reflections about #AtoZChallenge & #BlogchatterAtoZ

Z is for Zeitgeist

Zany: surprisingly different and a little strange, and therefore amusing and interesting. Ludicrously or incongruously comical. Unconventional. Zeitgeist: the defining spirit of mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. Zenith: the time at which something is most powerful or succesful.     I can´t overcome your … Continue reading Z is for Zeitgeist