Arc Review of Frost Bite by Luna Rugova

I received an ARC* in exchange for an honest review (mild spoilers inside).

*Advanced Reader´s Copy

Vampires were born with superior strength and heightened senses, but only a few possessed additional abilities. […]

About Frost Bite:

  • Expected publication: October 24th 2022
  • Format: e-book
  • Editorial:  2D Reveries Press
  • Genre: Dark-fantasy, paranormal romance, vampire romance, gothic romance
  • Language: English


A Dark Nobles prequel. After her parents’ tragic death, Adamantine is left with one mission: to end the century-old war. With no time to grief, she must march into the battlefield, for enemies do not rest. Driven by rage, Adamantine is on a victorious and murderous streak until she meets Hugo, the new and young lord of her enemies. And he has a plan to end the ancient war. Will Adamantine listen to what Hugo has to offer?

What I liked: Vampires!!! But they aren’t neither glittery nor lurking creatures that sleep on cemeteries. These vampires… well, let’s say that they don’t hide from humans. But does it mean that they live peacefully among them?

A dark novel, with vampires fighting against each other’s for power, will humans have a chance to survive such a conflict?

I´m a fool for these tropes when they are well written:

  • Enemies to lovers. Could this be a ‘Love at first sight’ or a ‘Slow burn romance’? Sorry, you need to read it as I promised no spoilers.
  • Hidden enemies and political intrigues. With a vampire country at war, things aren’t always as simple as they look, and everything is fair in love and war.

Long time has passed since I had a crush on a fictional character; someone I could look up in awe with childhood admiration. For those who read the story, I’d love to hear if you know who I’m talking about.

What I didn´t like so much: It was a short story, I wish I could keep reading about what happened to the main characters… Wait, I can: the story continues at Lavender Blue, release day is also today. Here you can read what I thought about this novel.

My general opinion: Highly recommended if you´re a fan of dark fantasy and vampires. I´m looking forward to reading the rest of the saga.

How I got this book: I won this exclusive prequel at a giveaway, it’s not for sale, although, it’s available for traders who subscribe to the author’s newsletter, so you should go and hunt for your copy now!

About Luna Rugova

A fiction writer, a poet wannabe, a sucker for paranormal things and melancholy stories. Luna Rugova is an ordinary stay-at-home mom with three crazy kids and a goofy husband. When not writing, you’ll find her researching mythologies, binge-watching anime, or sitting on the couch and staring into the void, thinking of writing.

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