Of Dragons and Time machines…

In response to VJ´s Weekly Challenge #95: bits and pieces; Eugi´s Weekly Prompt: Harmony; Sunday´s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!: Watch

Giacomo, the inventor was upset, the apprentices hadn´t showed up and they had a lot of work to do; the King asked for a Time Machine.

– Giacomo, at ´chool, the hi´tory teacher told us about the dragons, a-and then, at the market, there was a ´tand selling them, wooden dragons; you can make me one, please? – Furreball almost yelled as she rushed inside, when she was excited she had that funny little lisp.

He didn´t mean to be rude, but there were so many delays, and they should´t make the King wait to see their prototype, so he merely ordered her to fetch the other apprentices.

From the window, he could watch her talking with her friends still talking about the dragons, the distant voices of the kids in perfect harmony with the crickets.

Suddenly, Giacomo felt a rush of love for those little youngsters, dressed as grownups, but kids in their hearts the proyect at hand did´t seem so urgent somehow, bits and pieces written on a list that could wait for tomorrow; he took a piece of parchment, and started drawing something that oddly resembled a flying lizard.

Photo Furreeball took at a medieval fair to show it to me and create this story.

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